John Aycock

Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria

Engineering Lab Wing A330

Looking for...

CSC 360?


It turns out that the English language isn't sufficiently rich to describe my life, so I've added a few helpful words and phrases:


What happens during an installation of Windows, especially when you've upgraded some hardware and Windows is trying in vain to figure out what's going on.

Bathroom Safari.

The quest to find an unoccupied washroom stall in UVic's Engineering Lab Wing. On a bad day, this requires covering most of the distance of three floors, often ending up in a different building entirely.

Academic Strip-Mining.

When a single good idea is drawn out over a vast series of publications. I may be doing this myself one day, so I decline to commit to this being a good or a bad thing :-)


I am currently searching for a Ph.D. topic which meets the criteria:

  1. hasn't been explored extensively;
  2. is interesting in a publishable sense;
  3. is guaranteed to produce positive results in 2-3 years;
  4. doesn't violate many municipal, provincial, or federal laws;
  5. will interest me for 2-3 years;
  6. satisfies my supervisor.

Oh, and

  1. has something to do with compilers.

Needless to say, I'm open to suggestions.


  • J. Aycock and M. Levy. An Architecture for Easy Web Page Updating. ACM Crossroads, to appear.
  • J. Aycock and N. Horspool. Faster Generalized LR Parsing. CC '99 -- 8th International Conference on Compiler Construction (LNCS 1575), Springer-Verlag, 1999, pp. 32-46.
  • J. Aycock. Compiling Little Languages in Python. Proceedings of the 7th International Python Conference, 1998, pp. 69-77.
  • J. Aycock. Converting Python Virtual Machine Code to C. Proceedings of the 7th International Python Conference, 1998, pp. 43-50.

Subliminal message

vi rules.

Feel free to disagree with me about this. Because Internet Explorer doesn't support blinking text, this message is slightly less subliminal for those people using it to view this. To those people, I ask your co-operation by staring at the screen and opening and closing your eyes at approximately half-second intervals. Thank you.


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