What is this?

A project I'm working on for my research needs to produce nonsense from input text. The computer program I wrote for this makes some amusing/bizarre choices sometimes, and as a result has some other applications, like this artistic statement. Currently, the computer program makes shortlists of word replacements and chooses from those, but I may rarely override the program and pick other words from its shortlists. I'm still tuning the program and I'd like for it to make the best choice by itself eventually. The tweets (and excerpts thereof) to parody are definitely chosen manually, to avoid parodying any inappropriate topics.

This is an artistic statement?

It's a comment on the silliness of political campaigns. I invite the reader of the tweets to contemplate if they have any more meaning or veracity than the original.

You're Canadian! Why are you parodying a U.S. politician?

Timing. No major elections in Canada right now.

Why did you pick on Mitt Romney?

It was a coin toss between him and Obama to decide which one the computer would parody. Romney won or lost, depending on your point of view.

You're a <insert epithet about my political leanings>!

Did I mention that a computer program finds the replacement words? Maybe my computer's liberal-leaning, who knows. About the only obvious thing about my computer is that it's kind of old and dusty.

You're a <insert other insult>!

I'll pass that along to my computer program.