Graduate Students

Graduate students are a critical component of any serious academic research agenda and my research program is no different. In fact, I find working with graduate students one of the most enjoyable aspects of my research. Thus, I welcome expressions of interests from potential gradaute students and look forward to opportunities to explore areas of potential future interest.

Potential students should first explore the research pages on this site and review my publications to get a sense of my interests. I should indicate that my current interests primarily lie in the areas related to privacy and security in data repositories such as DBMSs or datawarehouses, and applications that access such respositories such as data mining or analytical tools; but interesting proposals in any of the identified related areas will be considered. The privacy/security interest is relatively new so we are only now beginning to publish in this area so please do not be misled by the amount of work that has actually appeared to date, there are many more submissions currently in the pipeline.

If you believe that our interests are likely to overlap, I would then suggest you send me an email to start an initial dialog (please don't be discouraged if I do not respond instantly as I tend to review these once per week when I'm busy). However, you should also fill in a pre-application form as this is the first step in the process of being admitted here in Calgary. This is cost free and allows us to indicate to you if paying an application fee and submitting a full application is likely to prove successful. You should be aware that funds are available for all accepted students but admitance is very competitive. You can get more information about our graduate program by exploring the Department's Graduate Webpages, which contains links to other University regulations that will ultimately prove useful to you.