CPSC 503 Interm Report   Due Date:  1 March 2004

This is a practice for your final report and should be as complete as you can make it
at the time of writing.  

You MUST use Latex for this assignment.

The final report will be a revised version of your interim report.
Try and make the report read like a scientific paper.  Write it up by describing the problem
you are solving, what others have done to achieve a solution and what you have done.
Look at other scientific papers to give you an idea on the type of headings to use.
Compare your results to those of previous papers and say why yours are different/better/worse.
When you describe your solution be sure to give the details of alogorithms and data structures
you have used.  Algorithms are usually best described as pseudo-code. Give details
of any user-interface component and describe the design principles that you have used.

You may not have too much in the way of results yet but at least describe the kind of results
that you expect.  In the final report you should also be able to comment on the significance
of those results.

Although some papers are written in the first person (usually plural i.e. the royal "we")
for the purposes of this course try and write in the impersonal 3rd person.

E.g.   " ... experiments in flow dynamics were carried out on the meat sauce ... ,"
not :  " I/we carried out experiments  in flow dynamics on the meat sauce ... "

Make sure that you have read all you the references that you cite in the bibliography, you could be asked
something about a cited paper in the final oral exam.   Don't add references in the bibliography unless
they are cited in the text.   In fact  Latex / Bibtex doesn't let you do that (although there are ways...)

I may add a few more guidelines to this document - good luck.