CPSC 457: Operating Systems

Professor Carey Williamson

Winter 2010

Teaching Assistants

The Teaching Assistants (TAs) for CPSC 457 will conduct regular weekly tutorial sessions for CPSC 457, provide assistance with CPSC 457 assignments, and do the grading of CPSC 457 assignments (but not exams).

The weekly tutorial sessions will provide supplementary material to augment the lectures in CPSC 457. Some tutorials will cover new material that does not fit within the lecture time slots available (e.g., history of Unix, computer system security). Some tutorials will present additional examples to reinforce the concepts and principles covered in lectures (e.g., Multics, Windows, OS/360). Some tutorials will provide specific assistance with assignments (e.g., User Mode Linux, kernel system calls) and study tips in preparation for exams. Other tutorials will cover more general topics such as Unix shell programming, C programming skills, and kernel debugging tips.

Attendance at CPSC 457 tutorials is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. Doing so will enhance your CPSC 457 learning experience!

Contact Information

There were originally two TAs assigned for CPSC 457 this term, but one has resigned, so we are down to one TA who is teaching both tutorial sections:

Tutorial Schedule

CPSC 457 tutorials start the week of January 18, 2010.

The schedule for CPSC 457 tutorial topics is on the tutorials page.