CPSC 457: Operating Systems

Professor Carey Williamson

Winter 2010

Lab Info

The computer laboratory facilities for CPSC 457 are housed in the CPSC Computer Labs, located on the 1st floor of Math Sciences. Remote access to selected CPSC computers might also be possible.

We will be using User Mode Linux (UML) as the operating environment for the programming assignments in this course. UML allows each student to compile, run, and test their own modified version of the Linux kernel in a virtual machine environment, without the risk of crashing the physical machine itself. We will be using Linux version 2.6.24.

If you have access to UML on your own machine, you are welcome to use it, but please ensure that your solutions work in the UML environment that the TAs will be using for grading!!

Here are the basic instructions for using UML in the lab, as well as some details on how to add new system calls in UML.