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Traffic simulation - introduction


When I used to travel the length of Calgary to get to and from work, a forty-five minute trip with perfect traffic, I used to sit for the more realistic hour or more in congestion on Deerfoot Trail, the city's major north-south artery, and think on the mass of vehicles as a whole acting as one system, of the thoughts and behaviours of countless other drivers contributing to the state of traffic before me...

Travelling to and from Saskatoon for events with my wife's family, where the majority of the trip is two-lane highway, on which five hours is spent either getting into the groove of traffic, or repeatedly passing using the oncoming lane, one starts to see the highway as not a series of vehicular encounters, but as a system as a whole...

These are the events that led me to wanting to write a traffic simulator. There are different cases that I want to see simulated, but they would all use the same core to do so.

The idea is that while I want to see the simulation at a large scale -- by seeing congestion occurring because of specific scenarios -- I want to simulate it in the small scale, by giving each vehicle a driver, and have that driver autonomously determine its own actions based on its vehicle, its driving habits, its own attributes, and the actions of those around them. Truly, this project is as much to attempt to simulate and reproduce traffic problems that occur as it is to accurately simulate the driving behaviours of the spectrum of drivers encountered on the roads.
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