IDESS - a multi agent based simulation system for rapid development of infectious disease models

Dean Yergens, Julie Hiner, Jörg Denzinger and Tom Noseworthy

appeared in:
International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications (ITSSA), Vol 1(1), 2006, pp. 51-58


The potential for the Avian Flu (H5N1) virus to become a pandemic disease has mandated an examination of public health surveillance, response and containment strategies for developing countries. We have developed a Multi Agent System Simulation system known as IDESS (Infectious Disease Epidemic Simulation System) that rapidly constructs infectious disease models from existing data for any geographical region. This approach addresses an important area of infectious disease outbreak management, as it allows public health professionals to rapidly construct a simulation model for any geographic region and observe how an infectious disease spreads between communities. Such simulations will facilitate testing of containment strategies for rapid response.

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