Examiners and their Backgrounds
Supervisor: Saul Internal Examiner: Ehud Sharlin (Human-Computer Interaction)
Internal Examiner: Frank Maurer (applied Software Engineering, multi-touch surfaces, observational studies)
External Examiner: Barry Wylant (Environmental Design, Industrial Design)
Neutral Chair: Jeff Boyd (Computer Vision)

Thesis Chapters for Proof-readers
Thank you for volunteering to proof-read my chapters! There are a few things that might slip my mind and so I'm putting it up here:

  1. If you wish to, you can accept all changes in the document before you begin editing (I'm sure it'll make it easier to edit). Just please make sure that you track changes so I can see what you modified.
  2. I may have left some comments that Saul had. The reason for this is that I want your opinion as to whether you feel that I have addressed the comment.
  3. I'm aiming for two things - proper English (get out of the chicken), and whether this is understood by people other than me and Saul (especially the external's eyes).
  4. Chapter 5 is my technical chapter. I really want it to be understood by the layman and I think that's a bit of a challenge.




(OLD) - Thesis Chapters for Saul