Computer Science 331 — Data Structures, Algorithms, and Their Analysis

CPSC 331

CPSC 331: Data Structures, Algorithms, and Their Analysis: Fall, 2021

General Course Information

Computer Science 331 is a second-year undergraduate course in data structures and algorithms offered by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. It is a required course for students majoring in Computer Science.

These pages — which are certainly “under construction” at this point — describe the course as it will be offered in Fall 2021.

Course Outline

Recommended References

None of these references will be available at the University of Calgary bookstore. Each is available as an ebook through the University of Calgary library — and the beginning of each listing provides a link to an ebook that students at the University of Calgary can use.

Lectures and Tutorials

  1. Introduction and Mathematics Review
  2. Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms
  3. Basic Data Structures and Abstract Data Types
  4. Search Trees
  5. Hash Tables
  6. Searching and Sorting
  7. Graphs and Graph Algorithms

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