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This assignment is to be prepared and submitted by groups of at most four students - preferably, who are all in the same lab section. Each group of students should submit one copy of their solution.

Your answer for Question 1 of the assignment is due at 4pm on Monday, February 24. It should be handed in using the drop box on the second floor of the Mathematical Sciences building. In order to allow time for object-oriented analysis to be discussed in the lab before it is due, the due date and time for Question 2 only will be moved back to 4pm on Wednesday, February 26.

  1. Use ``structured analysis'' to produce a leveled set of data flow diagrams, and a corresponding data dictionary, for an Accounts Management System whose problem statement, ERD, and data dictionary (for the ERD) are now available.

    As an aid to the marker, you should also provide the ``event list'' that you generated in order to produce your diagrams, and indicate (by specifying a process number) which ``event-level'' process on the your data flow diagrams corresponds to each of the events you list.

    Finally, include all process specifications (for processes that don't correspond to lower level data flow diagrams) involved with the entry of new transactions. It's possible that there will only be one of these, but there should certainly be at least one!

  2. Use ``object-oriented analysis'' to obtain part of a specification for the ``Cartography System'' whose ERD was produced for Assignment #1. In particular, produce a class diagram showing all the classes that should be included in your specification, along with any generalization-specification structures, whole-part structures, and instance connections that should included on a complete diagram.

    As well, give a complete (and separate) list of the attributes of each of the classes you've shown on your diagram.

    Finally, list all message threads that might be needed by the system to respond to the event, ``A List of Maps Showing a Given City is Requested;'' inputs supplied when this event occurs would be a city name and a country name (identifying a specific city that the system might, or might not, know about), and the desired outputs would include a list of map numbers, and a status message.

    Then, indicate all message connections, and services (with the classes that would provide them), that you'd need to include in order to support these message threads.

    A solution for Assignment #1 is now available; this should be useful as you try to answer Question #2.

To ask questions about the above systems (that is, to obtain details about them that aren't included below), please send email to the course instructor. Please do not ask the teaching assistants instead - they have been asked not to answer questions about this system, in order to reduce the probability that contradictory information will be given out. Note, by the way, that the problem descriptions given for the above systems are intentionally incomplete, so that some additional information will be needed in order for this assignment to be completed.

Answers for reasonable questions will be posted to the course newsgroup and will also be made available, on this page.

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