WebGrid IV

WebGrid IV is a demonstration of the capability of the Rep IV suite of programs to provide highly interactive services on the World Wide Web. WebGrid IV implements an extended version of George Kelly's repertory grid technique for building conceptual models based on his Personal Construct Psychology (PCP).

It mimics and extends the capabilities of WebGrid III but, instead of being based on compiled code, it is implemented through a set of scripts written in a high-level language to provide an example of what can be readily achieved in Rep IV. This makes it possible for end-users of Rep IV to change the language of WebGrid from English to any other language, to change the behavior to suit their particular needs, and to program additional interactive modules for specific purposes. They can also develop completely different modules in the script language, such as questionnaires, either as a front-end to WebGrid or as stand-alone services.

Using WebGrid IV

WebGrid asks you to define a domain of interest, a context or purpose, and some elements or entities that are part of the domain and relevant to your purpose. It then elicits constructs from you which establish how you distinguish the elements in your domain in ways that are relevant to your purpose.

WebGrid provides a variety of methods for modeling and visualizing the relations between your constructs. It also enables you to compare your constructs with those of other people.

WebGrid is simple to use through any modern web browser. You do not need an account on our server since you save your data on your own computer.

WebGrid provides context sensitive information on its facilities through the icon . When you click on it a window will appear with relevant information.

Demonstrations of WebGrid IV

A number of demonstrations of WebGrid are available:

Starting a New Grid: Click here to start a new grid.

Entering an Existing Grid: Click here to enter an existing grid.

Simple Grids Advanced information technologies, Intelligent manufacturing systems

Multimedia Grids: WebGrid supports multimedia annotation of elements with HTML, customized headers and trailers, and operation within frames.
Real estate purchase decision (element annotation and customized header)
Presidents of the USA (link in trailer)
Presidents of the USA (frames)

Comparing Grids: The following examples will elicit your constructs for the elements in an existing grid and allow you to determine what constructs in the original grid match yours.
Advanced information technologies, Intelligent manufacturing systems

Exchanging Grids:The following examples will ask you to construe the elements in an existing grid using the constructs of the person who originated it, and allow you to see the difference between your two conceptual models.
Advanced information technologies, Intelligent manufacturing systems

Background to WebGrid IV

Background material on George Kelly and repertory grids is available on the Personal Construct Psychology site.

Background material on RepGrid/KSS0 and its applications is available in the papers:-

Background material on WebGrid and its applications is available in the paper:-

A stand-alone version of RepGrid for personal use under Microsoft Windows XP or Apple OS X is available as part of the Rep IV constructivist modeling programs available at http://repgrid.com/RepIV/.

There is a general collection of articles relating to this research on this site.

Major Users

Major users undertaking research dependent on WebGrid are advised to join the PCP Tools mailing list. This is a low-traffic list to support those using computer-based PCP tools through which we keep major users informed of updates and changes in WebGrid.

The web site for this list, its archives and facilities to join and leave it is http://jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/pcptools/

Major users will also find it useful to join the Personal Construct Psychology list server which provides a forum for discussion of PCP and grids. For information see http://repgrid.com/pcp/.

Registering a Research Cache

Major users wishing to use WebGrid for data collection may wish to register a cache directory for use in their studies in which grids from their clients are automatically collected. Such directory caches are password protected and you need to register them. The registration process asks for your email address so that we can contact you if necessary. Note that we do not take any responsibility for data in such caches. There are download facilities through which you can back up your data and this is your responsibility.

Messages about WebGrid

You can contact us about WebGrid through the email address

Brian R Gaines and Mildred L G Shaw, 29-Mar-2005.