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Hello there!

My name is Robin Gonzalez, I am a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems. I have a masters in dynamic update/hot-patching of software and started a PhD on privacy and user awareness. I also have some academical and industrial experience with Machine Learning.

My interests in computer science are: algorithms and data structures, malware analysis, privacy awareness and machine learning. I am also very interested in algorithmic music composition.

In my free time, I play and listen to lots of music. My main instrument is the drums and I teach them as a hobby. I also love taking photos, reading and playing soccer.


In the past, I've been part of research groups such as TSG and ISPIA. These are all blog posts I have made about my work as well as some educational posts, courses I taught and tutorials:

Final assignment for CPNT-250 is available at this link.

Started teaching Digital Forensics at SAIT, course material here.

Started working at HireGround Software Solutions as a machine learning scientist and lead researcher.

Started a Teaching and Learning Organization at UofC for new and experienced TAs.

The ISPIA research group made a profile about me, check it out here.

Second best TA for a 2nd year course teaching Algorithms and Data Structure Analysis at UofC.

I received the best TA award for a 3rd year course at UofC teaching Operating Systems (CPSC 457) at UofC, here.

Defended my thesis about hot-patching data structures in Unix, you can read more about it here.