Gouri Deshpande

(Assistant Professor, 2022-present )

About me

I am a Assistant Professor at the Dept. Of Electrical & Software Engineering since June 2022. I pursued Ph.D. at the University of Calgary, Software Engineering Decision Support Laboratory (SEDS), Department of Computer Science, under the supervision of Dr. Guenther Ruhe since FALL 2017. My research was in the area of Requirements Engineering. Specifically, I explored advanced ML methods for requirements dependency extraction and analyzed thier ROI for effective decision making. I defended my thesis (21st Jan, 2022) and earned my doctorate. I love my research and constantly try to learn from people around me. When I am not working, my two kids are the focus of my free time. Together with my wonderful husband, we enjoy the outdoors, travelling, cooking and dabling our hands with art and craft


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