Links, manuals and papers relevant to Gnuspeech

(Those not on-line—indicated by links—may be available as hard copy, by request)

Initial release version of Gnuspeech (Monet and TRAcT) for the Macintosh under OS X

Note: that the sources for both manuals and code are available from the “Download Area” of the Gnuspeech project web site

Sample sounds from Gnuspeech

Male-Female-Child “Hello”synthesis comparison (sound files all ~3 MB)
(Composed by Leonard Manzara as a demonstration)

.aiff file
.au file
.snd file
.wav file

Additional examples illustrating full articulatory text-to-speech synthesis for male voice (examples chosen for interest rather than flattery)
Pat-a-pan Lumberjack The Chaos

Gnuspeech links to the savannah web sites (Free Software Foundation)

Papers and manuals relevant to Gnuspeech