Evolutionary Algorithms in Action

An Interactive Tutorial


Evolvica is a hypertext-based tutorial about Evolutionary Algorithms and is being developed at the Evolutionary & Swarm Design Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary..

Mainly based on Mathematica's programming environment Evolvica comprises a collection of HTML documents in combination with Mathematica notebooks (versions 3.0 and 2.x).

Evolutionary algorithms

In a biological sense, evolution subsumes a huge number of complex interaction, mutation, and selection processes which finally ­ after millions and millions of years ­ have come up with a fascinating diversity of life forms in nature. Furthermore, evolution may describe any kind of organism development, as for instance structure formation or growth processes.

Especially for these two aspects of evolution ­ on a populational scale of competing and interacting organisms as well as on the scale of developing single organisms ­ Evolvica´s World of Evolution offers a collection of algorithmic models, which will be briefly characterized in the sequel.

Evolvica - Who might find the tutorial useful?

Teaching and Training

Evolvica can be used in the classroom to demonstrate basic principles of evolutionary algorithms and optimization techniques in a vivid and interactive way (e.g. by animations, hyperlinked tutorial documents, etc.).

Programing and Evolution: Learning by Doing

Furthermore, you can use Evolvica as a starting point for your own explorations within the fascinating world of evolution.

If you already have some experience in programming with Mathematica, you may rely on a number of packages in order to build your own evolutionary algorithm implementations.

However, even if up to now you did not have the chance to work with Mathematica and Mathematica´s notebook environment, we can assure you: With the help of numerous programming examples it will be easy for you to explore Evolvica's World of Evolution.

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