Evolutionary Algorithms in Action

An Interactive Tutorial based on
Java Applets and Mathematica Notebooks


Christian Jacob

Dept. of Computer Science, Programming Languages
University of Erlangen
Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Calgary, Canada


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About Evolvica ...

This section gives a brief overview of the ideas behind Evolvica as a web and notebook based tutorial on evolutionary algorithms. The following two examples serve as a first glimpse on the fundamental evolution principles of selection and mutation.

The selection-mutation principle: A simple demonstration with Mathematica
Selection and mutation: A Java example

Evolutionary algorithms in Java

About Java ...
Exploring evolution with Java

An illustrative way to find out about evolutionary principles is to look at examples. The collection of evolutionary algorithms by examples ranges from interactive evolution of colors and shapes to evolution-based design of blood pipe systems, and search techniques on multi-modal functions, to name just a few. Most of the examples have been implemented both for Evolution Strategies and Genetic Algorithms.

Evolutionary algorithms with Mathematica

About Mathematica ...
Principia Evolvica: The tutorial
Principia Evolvica: The book

Web resources related to Evolutionary Computation

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