Course Schedule, CPSC 429, Winter 2007

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 Tentative Course Schedule

Week Topic Course Work
08/01 Introduction and motivation (Ch 1,11,12 Stallings); OSI security architechture, weaknesses of "textbook" public-key cryptography; mechanisms for data integrity NA
15/01 Hash functions and MACs (Ch 11,12 Stallings); security of hash functions and MACs, examples (SHA-1, CMAC, HMAC) 15/01 Assignment 1 set
22/01 Pseudorandom number generation (Ch 7 Stallings); statistical tests (FIPS 140-1), cryptographically secure random bit generators (ANSI X9.17, Blum-Blum-Shub) (RSA-OAEP) NA
29/01 Provable security; randomized encryption (El Gamal), semantic security (Goldwasser-Micali, Blum-Goldwasser); provable security against active attacks (RSA-OAEP) NA
05/02 Key management (Ch 7,14 Stallings); key distribution centers; public-key infrastructures; ID-based cryptography (Shamir's ID-based signature scheme) NA
12/02 Authentication (Ch 13 Stallings); basic mechanisms (nonces, time-stamps, challenge-response); authenticated key agreement (variations of Needham-Schroeder, station-to-station) 12/02 Assignment 1 due; Assignment 2 set
19/02 Reading week - no classes NA
26/02 Access control (Ch 14 Stallings); password mechanisms and one-time passwords (S/KEY); SSH; Kerberos NA
05/03 Secure email (Ch. 15 Stallings); Pretty Good Privacy (PGP); S-MIME NA
12/03 IPSec and virtual private networks (Ch 16 Stallings); IPSec overview; IPSec architecture; Internet Key Exchange (IKE) 12/03 Assignment 2 due; Assignment 3 set
19/03 E-commerce and Web security (Ch. 17 Stallings); Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS); Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) NA
26/03 More digital signature schemes; El Gamal and the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA); provably secure signatures (one-time signatures, full-domain hash); undeniable signatures (Chaum-van Antwerpen) NA
02/04 Zero-knowledge; bit commitment, authentication (Fiege-Fiat-Shamir, Guillou-Quisquater, Schnorr) NA
09/04 Secret Sharing; Shamir's threshold scheme; generalized secret sharing; Brickell's vector space construction 09/04 Assignment 3 due; 13/04 research project due (4:30, my office)

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