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Fall 2001



Professor Brian Wyvill(home page)
Email blob@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Office MS 620
Office Hours Wed 11 - 12
Lectures M/W 14:00 - 15:15


Notes are now online. I have taken them from a mixture of sources and apologise for the poor 
formatting. Mostly I blame Powerpoint that tries only to be true to the Evil Empire. 
The fonts are messed up and the links will only work if I spend a year making them work. 

I will spend some more time on this next week so don't worry too much about broken links. 

Recent changes will be listed here. 
This web page will be updated regularly thoughout the course.

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  • Course Outline

    Click on the subject areas to display course note files. Some are in Portable Document Format (pdf) which can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat viewer. This software can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/acrobat

    Course Schedule

    Week One Sep 10 Implicit One
    Week Two Sep 17 Implicit One
    Week Three Sep 24 Implicit Two (html), PYBV Demo.
    Week Four Oct 1 Implicit one andTwo(pdf), Ray Tracing Using Lipschitz Constants
    Week Five Oct 8 Wavelets 1
    Week Six Oct 15 Wavelets 2
    Week Seven Oct 22 Reaction Diffusion Introduction - Presentation by Kevin Foster
    Week Eight Oct 29 (Brendan Lane ) Perlin/Wyvill Noise 
    Rainbows - Presentation by Martin Fuhrer
    Presentation by Altan Yu
    Presentation by Jared Hopf
    Week Nine Nov 5 Dr. P. Reaction Diffusion Texturing
    Presentation by Samantha Filkas
    Simulation Rainbows - Presentation by Petri Varsa
    Week Ten Nov 14 Reading Days 
    Presentation by Jeff Mahovsky
    Week Eleven Nov 19 Presentations of various types
    Week Twelve Nov 26 Final Presentations
    Week Thirteen Dec 3 Final Presentations

    Course Assessment

    Project Proposal 5%
    Implicit Surface Assignment 5%
    Presentation One 10%
    Presentation and Project Demo 20%
    Project 60%

    Student Projects

    Name Link to Project Project  Presentation Date Presentation Date
    Samantha Filkas Block World December 5th November 19th
    Kevin Foster Blobber ...thrills, excitement December 5th November 5th
    Martin Fuhrer Photonic Leaves November 26th November 5th
    Jared Hopf Blobtris December 3rd November 14th
    Jeff Mahovsky Streaming Pixels December 3rd November 19th
    Petri Varsa !Lightning!-featuring Petri's day to day trials and tribulations November 28th November 21st
    Alton Yu Vesuvius November 28th November 14th