Little Highwood Pass Hike
Saturday September 28. : a hike in from Highwood Pass on the Kananaskis Trail to Pocaterra Cirque, up over Little Highwood Pass and down Pocaterra Creek to the Little Highwood Pass carpark on Kananaskis Trail. A lovely hike with nice weather and the scenery looking particularly beautiful under a fresh mantle of snow from the day before. Our party of 13 was: Tim, Joanne, Marco, Christine, Wendy, Suzanne, Mai, Jeff, Martin, Efrat, Gloria, Scott and me.

Further photos can be found in:

Windscreen-eye view
Cirque through trees
Pocaterra Party
Martin and Efrat
Tarn near Cirque
Approaching Cirque
Little Highwood Pass
Lunch at Pocaterra Cirque
Lunch spot 2
Onwards and Upwards
Grizzly Col
Pocaterra Cirque Pan
The Sidle
Taking it Easy
Carrying On Down
Below the Snow
Snack Stop