Katayoon Etemad

Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary


Transition is an interactive gallery installation, investigates the notion of developing new art work that promotes a contemplative state. To this end we have blended new and traditional media. Transition has four primary elements: a reflecting pool containing a submerged Muqarnas (a sculpted form of ancient Persian architecture); projected animated Persian floral patterns; spoken poetry audio; and passive interaction. To fully view Transition as an installation is entirely dependent on the audience’s stillness.



Rising symmetry, a series of animated Persian floral patterns by Lia Rogers and Katyoon Etemad was part of Enmax Illuminate Calgary. This curated festival brought together a diverse group of Calgary based light artists to display their work during the 2009 Grey Cup Street Party. Most of the works were projected on buildings from rooftops across the street; a few were at street level, rear projected onto display windows. Some of the works were interactive and others, like Rising Symmetry were just video









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