Topics for CPSC 502/503 Course Projects (Winter 05)

If you are interested in working on a project in the networking area for CPSC 502/503, please feel free to contact me. Most of my recent research activities have focused in the area of multimedia streaming. A brief description of my current research and electronic copies of my recent publications can be found here. However, I am also interested in other research topics that fall under the purview of computer networks, such as network measurement and modeling, congestion control, quality of service, multicast, and peer-to-peer systems. Examples of some specific topics that are of interest to me are:

Required Background

Work in the above-mentioned areas requires that you have a general background in computer networks (e.g., CPSC 441 at the University of Calgary, or equivalent) and good programming skills. Background in statistics, calculus, and working knowledge of the Linux kernel would be an asset, but is not required.

Contact Information

If you are interested in any of the projects/topics listed above, and would like to consider it for CPSC 502/503, please drop me a line at Also, remember to contact Dr. Mario Costa Sousa (if you have not already done so) regarding your interest as well.