CPSC 441 Computer Communications (Winter 2006)

Assignment 4
Professor Anirban Mahanti
Department of Computer Science
University of Calgary

Total Points: 125
Due Date: By 23:55 hours on March 27, 2006. (Late Submissions are not acceptable.)
Submission Method: Use the submit system.

In this assignment, you will implement a distributed asynchronous routing for an example network within an emulated environment. The specific details for this assignment can be found on pages 412-413 of the Kurose/Ross textbook (third edition) and the companion web site (http://www.awl.com/kurose-ross) for the textbook. You are required to implement both the "Basic Assignment" component and the "Advanced Assignment" component, as described in the companion web site. You are also required to use the C Programming language.

Those who do not have access to the companion web site (either because you purchased a used copy of the textbook or because you are using the Tanenbaum reference book) should contact their respective Teaching Assistants (TAs). Your TA can provide you with the complete assignment specifications.