Mario Costa Sousa
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science


latin://to illustrate
to explain, to expound, to make clear or intelligible.
The ability to see the unseen, communicate
the intangible and bring clarity to the unclear.

Welcome to illustrares, the website of the Interactive Modeling, Visualization & Analytics research group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. Led by Dr. Mario Costa Sousa, the illustrares group conducts fundamental and applied research on integrated modeling, visualization & analytics, and interaction in domains of science, engineering, and entertainment.

Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering

Since 2009, one of our focus has been on the domain of reservoir geoscience and engineering with support and collaboration with industry, government and academia.
We apply approaches and methods of computer science to gain a better and new insights into understanding the complex structures and flow patterns in petroleum reservoirs.


Oil and gas exploration, development and production (E, D&P) involve complex tasks comprising workflows with pipelined processes that require the processing of a large volume of variables related to multidisciplinary data sources (Figure on the left).

Our research is focused in the interactive modeling, visualization and analytics of the multi-{scale, modal, dimensional} datasets representing the static and dynamic characteristics of petroleum reservoirs across different stages of E, D&P. Our projects are structured around three research themes.

The scope of our work has strong interdisciplinary aspects. Ideas connected to interactive modeling, visualization and analytics of petroleum reservoir models and datasets are related to computer science - i.e. scientific and information visualization, computer graphics, visual analytics, interaction design, simulation, high-performance computing -, mathematics and physics, and domain-related - i.e. geophysics, geology, geostatistics, reservoir and production engineering, among others.

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