The Agent Rescue Emergency Simulator (A.R.E.S.)

One of the earth's most deadly natural disasters are earthquakes. Like the 1976 earthquake which struck Tangshan, China, that left behind an estimated death toll reported as high as 655,000 people*, the severity of the outcome is a serious issue at hand. Yet common to all earthquakes is the fact that some of the many casualties involved can be prevented with improved search and rescue techniques. A great majority of the countless deaths do not result directly from the quake itself - rather, many of them arise as a result of other factors such as collapsed buildings and fires. If the current methods for search and rescue can be improved somehow, paramedics and rescue teams can reach and save more of the dying victims on time.

Realistically, an earthquake cannot be avoided, but the many disasters that follow from it can. With this in mind is the A.R.E.S. project: designed with the intent to mimic and study search and rescue operations, it's main goal is to find ways to optimize society's ability to save people in earthquakes and other rescue situations.

* Reported by the National Earthquake Information Center

Where to Start

1. Download and install the ARES system, following the instructions found under section ARES System.

2. Read all information found under section ARES System to properly understand the ARES system. This includes how the ARES system runs and how to start up the ARES system.

3. Now that you know how the ARES system works you will need to know how agents interface with the ARES system. This information can be found under ARES Agents.

4. Now you are ready to make your own agents.