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News, Updates and Recent Projects

Instagram account @OKSANAKRYZHANIVSKA #oksanaart #oksanasart

Pictures from ISEA 2015 in Vancouver

Disrturbed System, Poster for Department Event
Exhibition at galleryFM and an opportunity to finally collect some data ( more info on a spot ).

Disturbed System
Demo video of the sculpture.

Download video

Raw, Poster
Exhibition at Grande Prairie Art Gallery, running from August 22, 2014 to Nov 16, 2014. This exhibition features new media sculptural works and a 3d-printing performance sculpture

RAW poster

RAW description

Raw, Interactive Projection Sculpture
This relief is machined from a virtually modelled nipple. A projector casts a form on top. While the visitor walks by, a cameras inside of the sculpture turns the projected vagina-like shape to create a pseudo-3d effect.


Raw, Installation view of the show
This the installation shot presenting a wax piece Formula and interactive touch sculpture Silicon Valley


3d Printing some new sculptures
Work in progress Body of Water

Body of Water

body of water

body of water

Body of Water is a 100" x 100" sculpture suspended from the ceiling 3d printed in small parts. The time is starting to crunch on this one.

3d Printing some new sculptures
In preparation for my AGGP exhibition here are some snippets of the new sculptures, Raw and Body of Water

Body of Water

body of water

body of water

Body of Water is a 100" x 100" sculpture suspended from the ceiling 3d printed in small parts. The time is starting to crunch on this one.




Exposing my process in creating the sensing areas of the sculpture. I printed prototypes with both Objet and MAkerbot. Going with Objet this time.

Other issues

my babies

Purchased another Makerbot dual to speed up my printing. Still looking for more printers

body of water

Exotic colours are giving me issues. Here is a beautiful print fail


my babies


my babies

Difference in handling the 2 kinds of printers: Objet is a nice and sleek machine and Makerbots are fun to mess with. Which is better?

Rothney Astrophysics Observatory: Study dates and documents

The first study on university campus is happening on Feb 12!
Room: SB 144
Date: 12, 2014
Time: 4:00-5:30pm
This study involves documenting of the participants on video and there is the mandatory consent form:

Consent form (on campus)

POV, poster


POV features a collaborative work at CMD-run gallery, galleryFM.


RAO date and location is still coming. Here is the consent form for RAO study (separate from campus study). Consent form (RAO)

Interactive Flock Sculpture:

The flock virtual paper airplanes fly around the sculpture of the face, creating new sctructures around it upon intercepting with the points on the sculpture. This is the continuation of the construction/deconstruction theme. Flock is based on Dadiel Shiffman's implementation of Reynold's boids for Processing.

Flock Sculpture
win 32
or win 64
or mac os X
View sculpture from different sides by moving the slider on the bottom of the screen. Works only when there is a web camera for reading the motion.

Kaleidoscope ( interactive sky drawing for RAO ) for download:

This app performs different depending on the computer. Try it if you have a web camera and draw the paths of the red ball with your motion. The flock paths are reflected against your motion path.

win 32
or win 64
or mac os X

Swirl ( interactive swarm drawing ) for download:

This is an old art app that I made with video interaction and with swarms. Here it is for download, if you have a an operational video camera. Enjoy

swirl drawing
win 32
or win 64
or mac os X

Interactive Drawing for Rothney Astrophysics Observatory:

Recursive reflection creates a drawing based on the path traced from the human motion in the camera and the path generated by the flock of coloured dots. Click on image to see a video

rothney recording

Drawing Swarms:

Random coloured balls are programmed with a tendency to flock together and generate their own paths around the spiral. Their paths create mesh of springs that generate a dynamic drawing. Click on blue toggle bars to switch off rendering of individual elements and click in the background to add more balls. Download Windows or Mac OS app and play: mac app or win app or watch a video by clicking on image.

darwing swarms

Another downloadable variation of drawing swarms. Download Windows or Mac OS app and play: mac app or win app . Here is the screenshot:
darwing swarms

Interactive Drawing with Swarms:

Two types of flocking boyds generate a drawing by building springs in response to movement in a camera. The smaller balls build springs, and larger balls deposit points while pushing the drawing around the screen.

interactive darwing swarms

Swarm Sculpture:

Swarms build a dynamic sculpture in real time while interacting with the shape. The object is different every time.
A camera controlled slider allows to rotate the sculpture. ”Z“ key toggles between zoom and rotation of the view.

Swarm Sculpture

Mac OS
// Win 64 // Win 32

Digital Bodies:

The series of sculptures visualize the spaces of our bodies's existance. The captured invisible interactions, represented in form of organic surfaces are derived from the spaces around the bodies. The surfaces of these bodies merge with their surroundings.


Art and Others

The artwork by other artists that inspires and interesting articles on technology in art:
Jean Tinguely: Cyclograveur (1959), Méta-Matics series (1959)
The sculptures explore the relationship between art making and the machine making searching for the unpredictable outcome.
Paul St. George's Telescope:
A large scale public sculpture links continens through webcam.
Wilson Artlinks:
A collection of links to articles on art and science and artists' websites collected by Stephen Wilson.