Artist Page (C) Oksana Kryzhanivska
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Curriculum Vitae


2015 ACM Multimedia, Brisbane, Australia -- Disturbed System: Recreating Sculptor's Experience of Their Medium With Haptics and Generated Sound. Oksana Kryzhanivska, Jeff Boyd, Simon Fay. Interactive artworks exhibition track and short paper, in print.

2015 Beakerhead Festival, Calgary, Alberta -- Disturbed System at Campus Collisions, interactive exhibit. Oksana Kryzhanivska, Jeff Boyd, Simon Fay.

2015 Artist talks at Nickle Galleries, Calgary, Alberta -- Art in the Laboratory, artist talk. Oksana Kryzhanivska.

2015 ISEA 2015, Vancouver, Canada -- Sensory Reload: Group Interaction with Touchable Sculpture. Oksana Kryzhanivska, Jeff Boyd, Simon Fay. Extended abstract and exhibition at demo session.

2014 The Image Conference, Berlin, Germany -- Recursive Transformation of Digital Images into Landscape Pattern and 3-D Sculpture. Salman Khalili, Oksana Kryzhanivska, Gerald Hushlak and Anna Hushlak. Full paper in The Image Journal, in print. Presentation at 5th International Conference on the Image, 2014, Berlin, Germany

2013 Hot3d Workshop @ ICME'13, San Jose, USA -- Touching Digital Art: Interactive Haptic Mixed Reality Scuilptures. Oksana Kryzhanivska, Gerald Hushlak, Jeffrey E. Boyd

2013 Surfnet Summer 2013 Workshop, Calgary, Canada -- Motion Swarm Interaction in Education and Art: an Astronomical Example. Oksana Kryzhanivska, Jeffrey E. Boyd

2012 ISMAR, Atlanta, USA -- Body Topography: Simulating Human Form. Oksana Kryzhanivska, Jeffrey E. Boyd


2011 -- MFA @ University of Calgary, Visual Art Sculpture, Calgary, AB

2010 -- Instructional Skills Workshop Certificate, University of Calgary, AB

2008 -- BFA @ York University, Visual Arts Major, Toronto, ON

2000 -- Fine Arts Diploma @ Lutsk City School of Fine Arts, Lutsk Ukraine

Selected Exhibitions

2015 June -- Disturbed System, galleryFM, Calgary, AB

2014 August-Nov -- Raw, Grande Prairie Art Gallery, Grande Prairie, AB

2014 March -- P.O.V., galleryFM, Calgary, AB

2013 May -- Experiment, Little Gallery, Calgary, AB

2012 November -- Swarm Sculptures, EEEL building (special site installation), Calgary, AB

2010 August-September -- Apparation, The Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB

2009 December -- Formula, solo, Little Gallery, Calgary, AB

2009 March -- Trace, solo, Little Gallery, Calgary, AB

2007 November -- The Morning After, Gales Gallery, Toronto, ON

1999 February -- In Retrospective, Lutsk, Ukraine

Group Exhibitions

2015 October -- Interactive Artworks at ACM Multimedia, Brisbane, Australia

2015 September -- Beakerhead, Taylor Family Digital Library, Calgary, AB

2014 September -- Maker Faire Calgary, Telus Spark, Calgary, AB

2012 November -- CMD Showcase, EEEL Building @ University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

2008 October -- MFA Show, Little Gallery, Calgary, AB

2008 April -- Articulations, Niagara Gallery, Toronto, ON

2008 February -- Open House, 2 person with David Bender, AKASA Gallery, Toronto, ON

2007 April -- Opus, juried exhibition, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, ON

2006 March -- BFA Show, juried exhibition, Accolade West Gallery, Toronto, ON

2006 January -- Painting Department Show, AKASA Gallery, Toronto, ON

2005 December -- Sculpture Department Show, AKASA Gallery, Toronto, ON

2004 December -- Sculpture Department Show, AKASA Gallery, Toronto, ON

2003 October -- Etobicoke Art Fair, juried exhibition at Sherway Gardens, Toronto, ON

2001 May -- Graduates of The Lutsk School of Fine Arts Show, Lutsk, Ukraine

1999 June -- Cityscapes, juried exhibition, Lutsk, Ukraine