CPSC 601.40: Foundations of Access Control

Winter 2018

Instructor: Philip W. L. Fong  <pwlfong _AT_ ucalgary _DOT_ ca>
Lectures: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30 - 1:45 PM  ;  SS 117
Official Course outline: TBA
Course web page: http://www.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~pwlfong/601.40


There is no explicit prerequisite for the course. Students, however, are expected to have a graduate level of mathematical maturity, and feel comfortable working with abstract formalisms. Specifically, students need to be comfortable with set theory, mathematical logic, formal languages and automata theory (e.g., finite state machines, context-free grammar, decidability), complexity theory (e.g., NP-completeness), and design and analysis of algorithms (e.g., dynamic programming).

Marking Scheme

601.40 (Graduate Students)

Assignments: 30%
Project Proposal: 5%
Project Interim Report: 15%
Project Report: 50%

599 (Undergraduate Students)

Assignments: 60%
Project Proposal: 5%
Project Interim Report: 5%
Project Report: 30%

Syllabus and Reading Materials

The part of the course on Formal Logic is based on the following textbook (required):

Michael Huth and Mark Ryan. Logic in Computer Science: Modelling and Reasoning about Systems (2nd Edition). Cambridge University Press, 2004. Mnemonic: H&R.

Additional reading materials are taken from research publications. The syllabus and reading materials of this course can be found at the following link:

CPSC 601.40: Syllabus and Reading List

Tentative Lecture Plan

The course is mostly lecture based. Students are expected to have read the papers cited in the reading list prior to attending a lecture. Lecture slides will be posted at the course web site as the course progresses.

1 Jan 9, 11
2 Jan 16, 18
3 Jan 23, 25
4 Jan 30, Feb 1 Proposal due
5 Feb 6, 8 Proposal due
6 Feb 13, 15 Assignment 1 due
7 Feb 20, 22
  • No class due to Mid-Term Break.
8 Feb 27, Mar 1 Assignment 2 due
9 Mar 6, 8
10 Mar 13, 15 Interim report due
11 Mar 20, 22 Interim report due
12 Mar 27, 29 Assignment 3 due
13 Apr 3, 5 Assignment 3 due
14 Apr 10, 12

Assignments (30%)

Three equally weighed assignments will offer students hands-on experience on software tools used by researchers to study protection systems. Specification of the assignments, including detailed submission guidelines, will be posted here.

1 Mechanization of Protection Models Using PLT Redex Feb 16, Fri 10% 20%
2 Solving WSP Using a SAT Solver Mar 2, Fri 10% 20%
3 Analysis of Protection Models Using ASP Mar 30, Fri
Apr 6, Fri
10% 20%

Please submit your work electronically (i.e., by email).

Unless stated otherwise, submissions are due at noon on the due date.

Term Project (70% = 5% + 15% + 50%)

A major component of coursework is a term project. The term project is staged into three deliverables: proposal, interim report and final report.

The student is free to formulate his or her project topic, so long as it is approved by the instructor. To facilitate the approval of project topic, the student shall schedule a meeting with the instructor at least a week prior to the submission of the proposal.

Detailed submission guidelines for each component will be posted here.

1 Proposal Feb 2, Fri
Feb 9, Fri
2 Interim Report Mar 16, Fri
Mar 23, Fri
2 Final Report Apr 20, Fri 50%

Please submit your work electornically (i.e., by email) as PDF files.

Unless stated otherwise, submissions are due at noon on the due date.

Resources for the project:

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