Calgary peripatetic research group on Logic and Category Theory.

Winter 2002: incoming seminars.

Next seminar:  Tuesday, January 8, 2002, at 14.30,
in ICT 616, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary.

R.A.G. Seely
(McGill University and John Abbott College)

Introduction to the Logic of Circuits

ABSTRACT: This talk will be a tutorial on the categorical proof theory of linear logic, with emphasis on the graphical techniques of the logic of circuits.

April, Tuesday 16,  2002:

Hartley Slater
(Department of Philosophy, University of Western Australia)

The Epsilon Calculus and Goedel's Theorems

ABSTRACT: It is clear that the Omega Rule gains a different aspect within the Epsilon Calculus.  The generalisation (n)Fn is a logical consequence of the set X of sentences of the form 'Fm', but it is not normally taken to be deducible from that set, if X is infinite.  With the epsilon reduction of (n)Fn to Fen-Fn, however, a deduction of the generalisation is available from a finite subset of X.  The point has important applications in connection with Goedel's Theorems, and elsewhere.  For instance it also corrects Intuitionistic doubts about Indirect Proof, and has significant consequences for Hilbert's Finitism.