CMS Summer Meeting 2006
Category Theory Session


The session will be subdivided into three general themes. These themes are by no means exclusive, and we welcome contributions to all areas of category theory.
  1. Categorical Proof Theory and Logic. (Organized by Phil Scott.)
  2. Algebraic Set Theory. (Organized by Steve Awodey.)
  3. For information about this topic, see the AST website.
  4. Partial Maps, Inverse Semigroups and Restriction Categories. (Organized by Ernie Manes.)


Anyone who is interested in giving a presentation is requested to send a title and an abstract to Robin Cockett or Pieter Hofstra.

Questions, Comments, Web Page does not work

Send an email to Pieter Hofstra (hofstrap at

Other meetings

This year, the CMS meeting is preceded by a one-day workshop focusing on category theory and semigroup theory, and is followed by the Foundational Methods in Computer Science meeting.