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 Introduction to Computer Graphics: CPSC453


Fall 2010




Reading: from the text (Angel's book)

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 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sept 13, 15, 17

Introduction, CG system


1.1: Application of Computer Graphics

1.2: A Graphics System

2.5.1: RGB Color

2.5.2: Indexed Color

-The entire course notes (info, download)

-Tutorials will start on Monday Sept 20

 Monday,  Sept 20,

Introduction to OpenGL and GLUT


2 Graphics Programming, Sections 2.1-2.4


-The Red Book [GL programming reference]

-The Blue Book [GL function reference]

Wednesday, Sept 22

Recursive Fractals


2.8 Gasket Program 11.8.1-11.8.2 Recursive methods and fractals

The first assignment
Firday Sept 24, Monday Sept 27, Wednesday Sep29

Geometric Objects

  4.1 Geometric Objects  
Friday October 1, Monday October 4

Affine Transformations


4.6 Affine Transformations,   
4.7: Translation, Rotation, Scaling 

4.3.4: Homogeneous Coordinates

4.8 :  Homogeneous coordinate

Wednesday  and Friday October 6 and 8 Affine Transformation: General Rotation,   

4.9: Concatenation, general Transformation 4.9.2-4.9.4: General Rotation,  4.11 Interfaces to Three dimensional Applications ,

4.10 OpenGL Transformations 

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Monday,  October 11 Thanksgiving, no lecture.     The second assignment
Wednesday and Friday October 13 and 15 Modeling Curves and Surfaces: Parametric Polynomial curves, Bezier Curves,   12.1 Representation of Curve and Surfaces, 12.3 Parametric Cubic Polynomial Curves, 12.6 Bezier Curves Use the course note for the modeling chapter
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Oct 18,20 and 22 Splines. B-spline subdivisions schemes. Tensor product surfaces.   12.9.2, 12.7, 12.9.3,12.9.4, The due date of the second assignment has been extended to 23:59 Nov 3 without any penalty.  Late policy (after Nov 3): 40% penalty per day.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Oct 18,20 and 22 Surface of revolution. Polygonal Meshes. 3D formats: obj and md2. Texture coordinates.   Use the course note (modeling chapter) The third assignment Extension: Tuesday Nov 23 at 23:59.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Nov1, 3 and 5 Viewing :  Projection, parallel , Perspective,  extended Homogenous, Viewing Volumes   5.1, 5.2, 5.4, 5.8, 5.9, 5.5 Midterm Remarks (review, sample and more)
Friday, Nov 12 No Lecture     Reading day
Monday, Nov 15 frame transformations, Clipping, View-port transformation, Stereo Viewing   5.3 Midterm Exam
Wednesday, Nov 17 Artistic projection, Non linear projection   5.3  
Friday Nov 19 Lighting-Shading: Phong reflection Model  diffuse, specular and ambient reflections.   6.1, 6.2 , 6.3, and 6.4.2 Exercises and Sample Final exam questions.
Monday Nov 22, Rendering faces: Gouraud and Phong shading.   6.5 The last assignment
 Wednesday and Friday Nov 24 and 26 Ray tracing: Ray-Casting, Shadow Ray, Recursive Ray-tracing   13.1, 13.2  
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Nov 29,  Dec 1 and Dec 3 Ray tracing: Ray-Mesh intersection, Bounding Objects, Scene Description,  Anti-Aliasing   13.3, 7.12  
Monday Dec 6 Distributions Ray Tracing      
Wednesday Dec 8, Herimte Curves and Half edge data structure   12.5, Use the course note for the half-edge  
Friday Dec 10, Back/front faces, hidden line removal using  depth buffer   7.11 Final Exam Review:  Monday Dec 13 @ 3:00PM at ST 130