Saul Greenberg GroupLab  Dept Computer Science University of Calgary

Saul Greenberg

Human-Computer Interaction &
Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Dept. of Computer Science
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta

Phone: +1 403 220-6087
Fax: +1 403 284-4707


GroupLab project describes research by my group
Publications by our group; most available in HTML, PDF, and postscript 
Project snapshots describes select projects done in Grouplab
Grouplab software repository 
Grouplab people

Graduate Students

I have a few openings for MSc and PhD students who are interested in Human Computer Interaction and / or Computer Supported Cooperative Work.  

Courses offered this year

CPSC 481: Foundations and Principles of Human Computer Interaction 
CPSC 581
: Human Computer Interaction II: Interaction Design
CPSC 601.13:
Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Previous Years

CPSC 681: Research Methodologies in Human Computer Interaction 
CPSC 699:
Research Methodology for Computer Science (old!)
CPSC 601.48:
Special Topics: Heuristic Evaluation
CPSC 601.56:
Advanced Topics in HCI: Media Spaces and Casual Interaction
SENG 609.05:
Graphical User Interfaces: Design and Usability
SENG 609.06:
Special Topics in Human Computer Interaction
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Ethics Committee for research with human subjects; I am the chair 

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