Core HCI courses

CPSC 481 Human Computer Interaction I
  • Fundamental theory and practice of the design, implementation, and evaluation of human-computer interfaces. Topics include: principles of design; methods for evaluating interfaces with or without user involvement; techniques for prototyping and implementing graphical user interfaces.  
CPSC 581 Human Computer Interaction II
  • Interaction Design. Advanced topics and applications in human computer interaction, with emphasis on developing skills for designing highly interactive human-computer interfaces.
CPSC 681 Research Methods in Human Computer Interaction
  • Application of the theory and methodology of human-machine studies to real systems; theory and practice.

Selected topics in HCI

CPSC 781 Computer Supported Cooperative Work  
CPSC 601.48 Heuristic Evaluation   
CPSC 601.56.a Media Spaces and Casual Interaction (advanced topics in HCI)
CPSC 601.56.b Physical User Interfaces (advanced topics in HCI)
CPSC 701.81 Ubiquitous, Domestic and Tangible Computing (advanced topics in HCI)

Other courses

CPSC 699 Research Methodology in Computer Science
  • An introduction to and survey of research areas and methods in Computer Science. Professional skills in computer science research such as reviewing, critical evaluation, and the preparation of research proposals.  


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