Appendix 1 :
Instructions to Subjects

A.1 Description of the Experiment

The following description should be read to each subject at the beginning of the experiment. Italicized text are instructions to the experimenter.

Before you begin, you should have a worksheet available for the subject. You should also have the interface up and running, with the Qwerty layout selected. No other windows should be visible. Also, assign subjects a subject number. Assume this one is Subject B02-13-3.

Introduce yourself. Give them the consent form to sign, on their worksheet. If it is not signed, do not proceed.

Tell the participant that it's OK to quit at any time.

Tell them about the experiment, and record the subject id.

Press the "Press here to begin" button and mouse-type "subject three four".

Press the "Press here when done" button.

Point to the screen

Select the Phone Pad layout.

Select the Alphabetic layout.

Note: Don't tell subjects about the possible advantages or disadvantages of each method!
Administer the pre-test questionairre on the worksheet. Write down the answers as they are supplied!.

A.2 Specific task instructions

Don't forget to record any comments on the workheet.

Task 1: Measure their touch typing ability. Set it up to the qwerty keyboard

Give them the paragraph.

Do it!

Task 2, 3 and 4: Measure their mouse typing ability with various keyboards. Note that the order you run these experiments in will be assigned by your TA! For illustration, assume the order is Phone and Alphabetic. Change the layout to the Phone keyboard.

Note: Subjects may forget to press the button starting and ending the experiment. Remind them!
Give them the 2nd sentence

Give them the 3rd sentence

Let them type it.

Record their comments on the worksheet

Switch keyboards, and repeat the above procedure for the alphabetic keyboard. Use the same sentences in the same order of presentation.

Adminster post-test questionairre on the worksheet

Record the results. You may want to ask other questions on oddities that you may have observed.

At this point, the experiment is complete. You can answer any questions that the subject may have. Thank them. Finally, record your own observations of what you saw that were not captured by subject's comments.