Appendix 3: Consent Form and Questionairres

Subject number:_______________

1. Consent Form

I consent to act as a subject in an experiment that will test "mouse-typing" ability on several versions of a screen-based keyboard. I agree to let the resulting data be used for analysis and presentation subject to the conditions below:

Name:_____________ Signature____________________________________ Date:____________________

2. Pre-test Questionairre.

Place a checkmark next to the most suitable choice

A) Are you comfortable typing with a Qwerty (standard) keyboard?

B) Do you:
____touch type
____two-finger type
____one-finger type?

C) Have you ever typed alphabetic text on an
___alphabetic keyboard
___a phone pad?

If so, how often and how recent? __________________________________________

D) Do you usually use a mouse when you use a computer?
___never used a mouse before

E) Have you used the optical mouse on Sun workstations? (show them the mouse if they are not sure)
I use it regularly
___ I have used it less than 5 times
___ I have never used it

F) Is there anything we should know about that may hinder your ability to mouse-type, for example, vision problems or physical disabilities? (Don't answer this if you don't want to.)

3. During-test Questionairre.

Which keyboard was used first? _______________________

Subjects comments after using the first keyboard:

Subjects comments after using the second keyboard:

4. Post Test Questionairre:

Which Keyboard did you prefer?__________________________________

Do you have any comments about either keyboard?

Investigator's comments: