581 Tutorial 2

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Using the pressure sensitive keyboard in WPF

This tutorial introduces the basic principles of WPF, and shows how to build two example applications in WPF. The slide deck of the overview presentation can be found here: Introduction to WPF (PDF, 1.1 MB).

DLL and source file to access the pressure sensitive keyboard

Download DLL, C#, and TXT files (ZIP file) Add the DLL file to the References of your project, and the other two files to your solution files (Add -> Existing Item...). For the key.txt file select the option to always copy the file to the output folder; see screenshot below:

Pressure sensitive keyboard - simple C# application

Source code of this example: Download c-sharp sourcecode (ZIP file)

Pressure sensitive keyboard - WPF C# application with animations

Source code of this example: Download WPF sourcecode (ZIP file)