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[[BouncingAnimation-Version2.zip | Download: Bouncing Animation variation (ZIP file)]]
[[Attach:BouncingAnimation-Version2.zip | Download: Bouncing Animation variation (ZIP file)]]
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!! Variation
[[BouncingAnimation-Version2.zip | Download: Bouncing Animation variation (ZIP file)]]

This version combines two elements (an ellipse and a textblock) in a single animation by placing them in a canvas. It shows how canvases can be used to group elements so all can be animated as a unit. I also changed the animation so that animations are added in sequence, and typing generates new objects.
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(:title 581 Tutorial 7:)

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!! Chaining animations, using timers for delay, bouncing animation example
[[http://www.nicolaimarquardt.com/ta/code/BouncingAnimation.zip | Download: Bouncing Animation example (ZIP file)]]

This example includes an example of how to execute two animations in a sequence by using the 'Completed' callback and a timer. This is an easy way to execute two animations one after another -- but there are many other ways to do it.