Worth: 20%

You are to design a physical user interface appliance using Phidgets. Your design process will follow the pattern of your previous assignments, and thus will not be repeated here.

Assignment type

Choose one of the following. For all projects, you will need to show the intended location of these appliances, e.g., as a sketch or photo of the physical setting, plus provide a scenario of use that rationalizes your choice.


Grading will be based in a large part on:


  1. Sites
  2. Phidget hardware
    • We will give you a stock set to get you going.
    • We have a complete stock of almost everything Phidgets Inc. sells (see ). Ask for some if you need specific (or more) devices. While we cannot guarantee we can get it to you, we will try.


Exercise Objectives

Pedagogical Objectives

Design a specific physical user interface that uses your knowledge of ubiquitous computing, tangible bits, and even groupware,

Apply your theoretical knowledge of ubiquitous computing, tangible media, groupware to design creation.

Generate sketched designs in your sketchbook of possible physical user interfaces and their surrounding physical concepts.

Develop skills designing out of the box devices using sensors, motors, rfid tags, etc. and how they fit into the environment.

Implement and package your design on the class web site so others can try it.

Learn how to program phidgets, and practice techniques for implementing designs.

Create a video-based portfolio summary

Experience creating a demonstration video

Demonstrate your system

Engage in design critiques