Tentative Schedule

This schedule is approximate and may change over the course of the term

Week Monday Wednesday Notes
Sep 10-12 Lectures begin Project #1 begins WPF Phone programming
Sep 17-19 WPF Phone programming
Sep 24-26 TA away this week - Mobile, Surfnet
Oct 1-3
  • Project #1 demos + portfolio due
  • Project #2 begins (see assignment schedule)
Oct 8-10 Thanksgiving (no class) TA away this week - UIST
Oct 15-17 TA away this week - NORDCHI
Oct 22-24
Oct 29-31 Project #2 demos, personas + portfolio due Project #3 begins
Nov 5-7
Nov 12-14 Reading days (no class) (Nic away - ITS 2012)
Nov 19-21 (Saul away - Nic to cover)
Nov 26-28
Dec 3-5 Project #3 demos portfolio demo. Hand in sketchbook
Dec 7

The project life cycle

Each of the three projects spans approximately 7 classes (actual assigned dates may vary). The life cycle for each project is roughly defined below.

  • Class 1: Introduction / overview of the topic; assignment handed out
  • Class 2: Student show sketch to the class of their best idea; basic tutorial on technology
  • Class 3: More tutorials, students iterate sketch, begin implementation
  • Class 4: Advanced tutorials (if needed), in-class development; student show current state of their idea
  • Class 5: in-class development; begin work on portfolio entry
  • Class 6: in-class development; continue work on portfolio entry
  • Class 7: Students demonstrate project and portfolio

Due dates for your sketch book, exercises and other material will be interspersed in this schedule.

Last year's schedule