Tentative Schedule

This schedule is approximate and may change over the course of the term

Week Monday Wednesday Notes
Sep 10-12 Lectures begin Project #1 begins WPF Phone programming
Sep 17-19 WPF Phone programming
Sep 24-26 TA away this week - Mobile, Surfnet
Oct 1-3
  • Project #1 demos + portfolio due
  • Project #2 begins (see assignment schedule)
Oct 8-10? Thanksgiving (no class) TA away this week - UIST
Oct 15-17? TA away this week - NORDCHI
Oct 22-24
Oct 29-31? Project #2 demos, personas + portfolio due Project #3 begins
Nov 5-7
Nov 12-14? Reading days (no class) (Nic away - ITS 2012)
Nov 19-21? (Saul away - Nic to cover)
Nov 26-28?
Dec 3-5? Project #3 demos portfolio demo. Hand in sketchbook
Dec 7?

The project life cycle

Each of the three projects spans approximately 7 classes (actual assigned dates may vary). The life cycle for each project is roughly defined below.

Due dates for your sketch book, exercises and other material will be interspersed in this schedule.

Last year's schedule