Project: Multi-touch / Single Display Groupware

Worth: 20%


You have been hired to create an educational prototype of a multi-touch system that allows 2 to 4 students to interact over a single display. You can choose your target student audience, but they must be chosen from the Grade 3 to Grade 8 range. Based on your design, the company that hired will red light or green light the idea. If green-lighted, it will continue on to development. The constraints are:

You have complete freedom of your design, as long as you can show that the application is educationally useful for its intended audience, and that its design is impressive.


Your exercise will be based delivery of sketches, your design creativity, your implementation, documentation and packaging, and your portfolio summaries. Great successes or failures in one of these criteria can affect your total grade significantly. Note that a successful implementation is required: if you cannot demonstrate your system, you will automatically receive a zero.

Deliverables are similar to assignment 1

  1. A variety of sketches displaying idea variety, choices, and idea evolution
  2. A demonstration of an implemented version of your system. Sophistication and aesthetics matter. I will especially be looking for sophisticated multi-user aspects of your system.
  3. Portfolio #1: A live web site that contains a visual description of your system. It must include separate source and separate executables (packaged as zip files). These executables must run on systems that have the table emulators installed, e.g., the lab computers (test it!).
  4. Portfolio #2: A video (with voice over) that illustrates your system. The video must be available as a download, as well as playable from your web site entry. Production quality and aesthetics matter.
  5. Paper portfolio. No paper portfolio will be required for this assignment.


  1. Table emulator software will be made available to you, as well as tutorial examples
  2. An extra USB mouse will be given to each person. Other mice may be offered on an as needed basis(but these are in limited supply).

Suggested process


Your assignment:

Readings / sites of interest

Web sites that may provide inspirations for your project