The Smart Tabletop SDK and Emulator



Download (temporary)

  1. Please download the ZIP package from the following location (580 MB!):
  2. Extract the package on your computer. Execute all the installer files in the order they are numbered. Only execute the setups that begin with a number, not the other included setup files.
  3. Please connect 2 ore more mice to your machine
  4. Once everything is installed, the SMART Table Activities application should show up.
  5. If you get an exception (when the SMART software starts), please move the Sdgt 3.0.dll file from the folder "9. SDG DLL to replace manually (might not be necessary)" into the following two folders:
* C:\Program Files\SMART Technologies\SMART Table SDK\bin\WPF
* C:\Program Files\SMART Technologies\SMART Table
* (optional) in all subfolders of C:\Program Files\SMART Technologies\SMART Table\Applications

You can now open and run the test examples in this folder:

* C:\Program Files\SMART Technologies\SMART Table SDK\C# Demos

Eventual download...DONT USE THIS

You can get the SDK from Smart Technologies, Inc. as follows. Note that you have to register before you can get it. This is all optional (i.e., if you want to develop on your own computer);the SDK will be available on our lab workstations. Note that it takes 48 hours to process your application!

  1. Go to . This is the Smart Development Network site.
  2. Click on Learn More (or go directly to
  3. You have to become a member in order to download this. They do this to ensure that you follow their license agreement. Click Become a member, and follow their instructions. Make sure to select non-commercial membership when asked. You will probably specify interest in the SMART Board SDK and Table SDK.
  4. Once you have a membership, go to and download the
    • SMART Board software development kit
    • SMART Table software development kit