Last Years Schedule

Last Years Schedule Week Monday Wednesday Notes Sep 10/12 Lectures begin, Orgn'l meeting Overview of Methodologies Sep 17/19 Quantitative Methods Quantitative Methods Sep 24/26 Quantitative Methods (K/B study) Quantitative Methods / Ethics Oct 1/3 Quantitative Methods / Anova Quantitative Methods / Anova Oct 8/10 Thanksgiving (no class) Guest instructor Saul/Ed at ACM UIST Oct 15/17 Usability Testing Usability Testing Oct 22/24 Usability Testing / Task-centered system design Task-centered system design Yaser: Heuristic Evaluation Topics due on Wednesday: handout (see topic page) presenatation slide deck delivered with your presentation Oct 29/31 Helen: Results Synthesis Yibo: Home Page Usability Zin: Personas Fahim: CHI-squared Nov 5/7 Tim: Focus groups Javed: Cost-justifying usability Cody: Evaluating games Dane: Questionnaires and the Likert Scale Nov 12/14 Reading days (no class) Mark: Extremely rapid user testing Katayoon: Contextual interviews Nov 19/21 Shaunna and Elise: Driver distraction Jonas: Evaluations in safety-critical medical situations Nov 26/28 Project presentations Helen Mark Dec 3/5 Project presentations Yibo & Dane Javed: Usability testing of a sketch-based technique for controlling convexity, concavity and roundness of surfaces Katayoon Project presentations Yaser & Zin Cody Fahim and Tim Last week of lectures