CPSC 701.81: Domestic Computing

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(:title CPSC 701.81: Domestic Computing :) Note: A variant of this course centered around 701.81 - Ubiquitous Computing was last taught in fall, 2006.

The advanced course in Human Computer Interaction is structured around readings, assignemnts and projects related to the topics of domestic computing. Students are expected to take the lead in pursuing sub-topics, where they gather materials and present it to others, and where they define and implement major projects. Basic contents include:

  • core conceptual and technical concepts in domestic computing;
  • human and social factors of domestic environments;
  • methods in studying domestic environments;
  • realizing domestic computing through innovative technologies

Due to its project nature, students will not be allowed to audit this course, although visitors will be permitted to attend particular lectures with permission of the instructor.

Current offering


  • Required: Computer Science 481 or equivalent
  • Recommended: CPSC 581 and CPSC 681 or equivalent
  • Permission of the instructor saul.greenberg@ucalgary.ca


  • Seminar and/or written presentations on topics: 25%
  • Assignments (two): 25%
  • Major Project: 50%
  • details...


  • Readings for the Course
  • Class Blog log in as saul@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
  • Developer Cookbook - software and examples for tools we will use
  • ACM Digital Library and HCI Bibliography - digital archives of papers
  • Other reading lists on these topics that I found on the web (try your own search)
    • Georgia Tech - Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
    • Berkeley - Information Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing
    • Rutgers - Parallel and Distributed Computing
    • Utah - Pervasive Computing Reading List
    • Indiana - Ubiquitous Computing
    • Tech Hot Spot on Ubiquitous & Pervasive Computing
    • Calgary - Readings in Physical User Interfaces


  • To be added over the term

Student Sandbox

Students: The sandbox is a place for you to put your own materials for this course.