Student Deliverables

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Written / oral presentations: 20%

Deliverables (see schedule page for dates):

Assignments: 20%

You will do several assignments to acquire hands-on experiences in particular technologies introduced in class. Assignments (subject to change) typically involve writing a 'hello world' style program based on the following technologies, and that shows off your understanding of those technologies (see schedule page for dates). It also involves researching and teaching one of these technologies to others, and populating a web page with that information.

Major Project: 60%

The student must propose and carry through a major independent project in proxemic interaction, with the project agreed upon by the instructor. Projects can cover a broad range of topics within the proxemic interaction area. Preference will be for projects that are tied to your research (or to research by other students) and that has potential to produce publishable results. Projects will typical involve the design and implementation of a significant system. Projects will also require a formal CHI-style write-up and several presentations as the work progresses.

Deliverables (see schedule page for dates):