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!!Mon Sept 13
!!! Prep
* get course sheets
* get powerpoint / laptop set up
* powerpoint lecture
* video by vogel / minority report
* spare sheets of paper/pencil for drawing computer exercise

!!! Lecture
* Hand out course sheet
* Names / Emails / Program / Supervisor

Intro Powerpoint lecture
* after your hosts, do student intros
** Name, academic background, supervisor, speciality, thesis project, why interested,
* on primary resources slide:, show them
* on Case studies introducing poxemics
** show Minority Report video
** show Vogel's video
** class website (navigate through readings/schedule/project details)
** blog (show them how to log on, and how to create a posting)
** schedule and deliverables
** grading
** proximity web sites
** go through handout

!!! Readings
See readings web site. Order may change, but next 2 days is for sure
*Read and assign facilitators

* Get email that students will use for this
* Write a short summary of your thoughts about each paper
* Take, post and describe a digital photo showing:
** an existing example of ubiquitous computing in your home
** possible good and bad places for ubiquitous computers

!!!To do for Monday
!!!To do For a week Wednesday
* presentation topic suggestions
* proposal suggestions

!!Wed Sep 15

** verify class time
** verify all cn login to blog and post
** mention toolkits tha tcould be assigned
*** Phidgets
*** ARTags - AR Toolkig or NYAR Toolkit (Japan)
*** Arduino (Richard)
*** Open CV (Anthony)
*** .NET Microframework and zigbee (Nic)
*** .Networking (Richard)
*** Microsoft Surface
*** Haptic Puck
*** Apple ipod programming (Matthew / Miaosen)
*** Easy Images

!!! Lecture
** Proximity Toolkit by Rob Diaz

** Proximity toolkit:
*** Hello World Example

**Assign readings for M/W as per reading list
*** R. environments - Matthew
*** Living Augmented Reality - Anthony
*** Hall Richard
*** Responses to Hall - Miaosen