Student Deliverables

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Written / oral presentations: 20%

  • On-going presentation, discussions and blogging of assigned readings. Part of your grade will involve you actively presenting and discussing papers assigned over the course, as well as contributing to the class blog.
  • Presentation: you will present at least one - perhaps two - topics that you have researched to the class (includes collecting and disseminating resource materials). Make the content appropriate for the audience, i.e., you are speaking to your class members who have started reading and learning about ubicomp. Donít dumb it down, but donít start going so narrow that you lose everyone.

Deliverables (see schedule page for dates):

  • presentation suggestions
  • presentation proposal (this is a contract)
  • post key readings / slides / materials / resources as class-accessible files
  • hand in your slides to Saul (this applies to all presenters, regardless of the day you are presenting)
  • presentations as scheduled. Note that you may hand out other material if you wish (e.g., paper copy of your slides).
  • synopsis, where you give out a 1 - 2 page synopsis of your presentation to class members before class, which includes:
    • title,
    • executive summary (a few paragraphs)
    • a short bibliography of resources (i.e., papers, web sites, etc) that students can go through for further information (I emphasise quality over quantity).

Assignments: 20%

You will do several assignments to acquire hands-on experiences in particular technologies introduced in class (see schedule page for dates). Assignments (subject to change) typically involve:

  • taking the lead in a technology, where you will research one or two of these technologies, write simple 'hello world' style programs illustrating how it works, teach it to others during class, and populate a web page with that information.
  • writing a modest program based on the technology that shows off your understanding and ability to use it. This applies to all technologies.

Technologies will be selected from the following in-house, research and / or commercial systems. If you have a particular technology you would like to investigate, let me know.

  • The proximity toolkit.''
  • iNetworking
  • Projector toolkit
  • Windows phone
  • WiiMotes
  • Phidgets
  • AR Toolkit
  • Arduino

Major Project: 60%

The student must propose and carry through a major independent project in proxemic interaction, with the project agreed upon by the instructor. Projects can cover a broad range of topics within the proxemic interaction area, and use different technologies or combinations of them. Preference will be for projects that are tied to your research (or to research by other students) and that has potential to produce publishable results. Projects will typical involve the design and implementation of a significant system. Projects will also require milestone presentations and demonstrations as the work progresses, and will end with a formal CHI-style write-up (including video), presentation, and system demonstration.

Deliverables (see schedule page for dates):

  • project suggestions (2 or 3, 1/2 page each)
  • draft project proposal(s) (~ 1 page)
  • detailed project proposal - indicates motivation, objective, milestones, schedule and deliverables. This is a contract.(~ 3-6 pages)
  • periodic reporting and demonstrations of milestones
  • final conference-style presentation + demonstration summarizing your project, its findings, and implementations
  • final written deliverables (due last day of class):
    • project report - an 8-10 page report in ACM CHI format
    • project video - a 3 - 6 minute formal video that illustrates your ideas as implemented in your system
    • organized archive of all your material/software (electronic and/or paper as best fits the material)