Consent Form

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Consent Form

I consent to my participation in a study that will test my typing abilities, including "mouse-typing" ability on several versions of a screen-based keyboard. I understand that the text I type and timing information will be recorded, along with observations of what I do, comments I may make, and answers to questions I am asked. I agree to let the resulting data be used for analysis and presentation subject to the conditions below:

  • only the experimenter will know my identity
  • data collected will be stripped of my identity, where I will be referred to anonymously
  • other experimentors in the group (the class plus instructors) will have access to this raw data
  • the data and/or aggregated results may be presented publicly and used in written reports;
  • the data and/or aggregated results are to be used for educational purposes only i.e., the data will not be used as part of a formal research investigation.

I retain the right to stop my role as subject at any time without question, and to have my data discarded.

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