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'-''[[HCILectures/ControlledStudyKeyboardComparison | Back to assignment overview]]''-'

Remind subjects that capital letters and punctuation must be copied. If they make a mistake, they should correct it as quickly as possible via the backspace key.
* Use the first two paragraphs for tasks 1-2: copy typing on the physical keyboard.
* Use the three sentences in order for mouse-typing for all keyboards. The subject will type all three sentences in succession with a particular keyboard layout (the first for practice, the other two will be timed).

'''Paragraph 1 (212 letters)'''

->'+There were two cupcakes in his lunch bag and there was also a chocolate bar with almonds in it. But all I had in my lunch bag was an old peanut butter sandwich and an old health cookie that did not taste very good.+'

'''Paragraph 2 (212 letters)'''
->'+I went to school with gum in my mouth and now there is gum in my hair. And when I got out of bed this morning I tripped on the skateboard. And by mistake I dropped my sweater in the sink while the water was running.+'

'''Sentence 1 (46 letters)'''

->'+Come back next week, and I will play some more.+'

'''Sentence 2 (46 letters)'''

->'+After school, sister and I went candy shopping.+'

'''Sentence 3 (46 letters)'''

->'+On the way down the stairs, I saw an brown cat.+'