Sketching Interactive Experiences


This module captures and archives various teaching materials and resources related to sketching that I and others have produced. It is still under development, but will grow over time.


Video Enactments of Ideas

Selected Videos from Bill Buxton's Sketching User Experience Videos

The videos below mirror various prototyping examples that accompany Buxton's book Sketching User Experience. See that web page for credits, permissions, and disclaimers and this file

  • Organizing design materials. While each system can be considered a 'sketch', they are better viewed as ways that designers can handle their materials electronically.
    • Portfolio Wall (15MB WMV) illustrates 2 versions of a large format display that lets you view and annotate a portfolio of images in different ways. 1st version is for a presenter to control via touch, 2nd version is for multiple people to control via multiple PDA touchpads.
    • Cabinet-Collecting Visual Material (19MB MOV) - A way to collect and managing visual material for designers on a large surface.
    • Atelier (12MB WMV) A wall that lets one enter/organize/display digital media using tangible methods
  • Chameleon is a system that lets one pan over 3D spaces. These are done as interactive sketches, where parts are simulated.
  • Office of the Professional is a very early envisionment of an office of the future.
    • Full video (30MB WMV)
    • Bifocal Display (9MB WMV) illustrates an early fisheye view paper prototype - a superb interactive sketch
  • Two Handed Input shown via simple video sketches
  • Two People Communicating through a display
  • (22MB MOV File) is a futuristic video of the concept
  • Mug Metaphor Interface
  • Bill's Instructional videos mirrors methods described in his book
  • Assorted others
    • Matter Duplicator (1358KB Windows Media Audio/Video file) - a spoof of a photocopier machine, an example of an extremely simple video sketch!
    • Shaker MP3 (6 MB WMV) built quickly using Phidgets
    • Attach:08-Truck.wmv (.5MB WMV) sketch animation of a truck moving through obstacles
    • Graspable Prototype shows a tangible interface prototyped thorough director on a digital desk.
    • Position-dependant cursor (2MB WMV)
    • 3D Gesture (1.5 MB MOV) on a large screen
    • Sketch-A-Mov (12MB MOV ) - prototype of new concept for toy cars. Brilliantly executed.
    • Wristwatch Cursor (8MB WMV) sketch of a finger-operated watch.
    • Tectronix (2MB WMV) usability study over a paper prototype
    • Agenda (11MB MOV) an interative slide show of a prototype; video may be damaged.
    • Climate Control (20MB WMV), explanation of screen snapshots of a paper / pictive prototype

Not sure how these were done...

  • iPhone Copy and Paste - a mockup of what it might look like to Copy and Paste on iPhone, using the magnifying loupe and a second-finger tap.